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• Car valuations for divorces
• Vehicle valuations for deceased estates

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Vehicle Valuers QLD combines all of the following vehicle valuation processes in order to arrive at an accurate, fair and agreeable car, heavy machinery or truck valuation.

Accurate car, heavy machinery & vehicle valuations are obtained using several methods:

Most Insurance companies offer a reasonably fair settlement,
but at a small cost to you or your company we can fully and competently appraise your car, machinery or vehicle, giving you peace of mind when accepting the correct figure for your vehicle valuation - car, heavy machinery or truck.

Vehicle Valuers QLD is based in Toowoomba, but provides services to Brisbane and all surrounding areas.

    Specialising in car, truck & heavy machinery valuations for   Legal & Family Law Matters

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Brian Hanson has been actively involved in the motor vehicle trade for over  30 years.  His service to this firm in ascribing accurate and reliable figures to motor vehicles in the context of Commercial or Family Court litigation has proved invaluable. I have the greatest confidence in his level of expertise and professionalism.
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For all private and commercial vehicle valuations, car valuations, vehicle valuer services Toowoomba, Brisbane, Ipswich, Dalby, Oakey Roma, Beaudesert, Goondiwindi, Darling Downs, Warick, South East Queensland & South Western Queensland and other surrounding QLD areas.